Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Kanger EVOD BCC

For quite some time, Kanger was the choice in clearomizers. The T2 was quite popular, but then the T3 hit and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive: people loved it.  But then, something happened.  The design of the T3 quietly and suddenly changed, and with the change came complaints of leaking and dry hits.  Seemingly overnight, the Kanger T3 went from being the best thing out there to being the one to avoid.  Since then, other manufacturers seem to have stepped up their games to fill the void left by unhappy users of the T3 looking for better alternatives. The EVOD seems to be Kanger’s response, but is it enough for them to retain their title as clearo king?

Getting Started with the EVOD


United Colors of the EVOD BCC

The EVOD very much resembles a small MT3 (the MT3 being the metal-encased version of the T3 clearo).  Like the MT3, the EVOD is available in a variety of colors (eight by our counting), including a stainless steel version, all with a clear, unreplaceable plastic mouthpiece.  Also like the MT3, the EVOD is a bottom coil clearomizer, or BCC for short.  This coil can be replaced to inexpensively renew the clearomizer when performance degrades.

Filling the EVOD was simple.  You simply screw off the bottom coil and pour juice in, with no tools required other than a standard juice bottle dripper spout.  We recommend doing this in good lighting, as it can be difficult to see just how full the tank is when filling, and it’s fairly easy to overfill and end up with juice in the mouthpiece.  Overall, though, it’s very easy to do, which is fortunate, because the EVOD’s small size — it has a capacity of approximately 1.5ml — does mean it will need to be refilled relatively often.

Fire it Up!

Our initial impression upon vaping with the BCC was that flavor was slightly muted, as is the case for most, if not all, clearomizers, but not to any great degree.  Dry hits did not appear to be a problem, either, though that may partly be because we have learned from other bottom-coil clearomizers to make sure, when putting down our PV, to leave it in a position that will leave the EVOD’s coil wet.  Still, we did not experience dry hits even when chain-vaping, which we have certainly not found to be the case with many other clearos we’ve tried.

As good as our first impressions were, we’ve learned that the things that can make you hate a clearo generally don’t rear their ugly, leaky heads until you’ve used them a while. In the case of the EVOD, however, we’ve so far been very pleased.  We haven’t experienced the leaking or sweating so common with other clearos (including other Kangers). What we have learned, however, is that airflow is important. On some of the PV’s we tested with, airflow was restricted if the EVOD was tightened down too far, and if it was, it would tend to leak down through the eGo connector.  The EVOD did not seem to leak at all, though, if airflow was kept unrestricted.  In some cases this meant simply not screwing the clearo down all the way onto the PV.  It should probably be noted, though, that in nearly all cases we didn’t need to do anything special at all to keep the airflow open.

The EVOD: The Scores

Build Quality: 9/10

We have been very impressed with the build of the EVOD.  It seems quite durable, and in some versions, such as the black version we tested, it features a rubberized finish with a good, high-quality feel.  We have had no problems with leaking as long as airflow is kept open, and the EVOD is easy to open up for refilling and coil changes.

Looks: 8/10

The EVOD is a very nice-looking clearo.  The eight available color options make it easy to put together the kind of look you want with your PV, and the stainless steel accents compliment the colored sections well.  Our only complaint, and this is a very small one, would be that the clear mouthpiece does seem prone to collecting condensation under use, which detracts slightly from the look of the clearomizer.

Flexibility: 8/10

A wide range of coil resistances is available for the EVOD. Our units shipped with a 1.8 ohm coil, and inexpensive replacements are also available in 1.5, 2.2 and 2.5 ohms.  The EVOD uses eGo coils, so you’re going to need to have either an eGo-threaded PV, or a 510-to-eGo adapter to use the EVOD. Also be aware that the EVOD is quite small, and its 1.5ml juice capacity is significantly less than many other clearos.

Performance: 8/10

We were very impressed with the performance of the EVOD. Vapor production was exceptional, and flavor was not significantly muted.  We did not experience dry hits with the EVOD, even under heavy vaping.

Price: 7/10

Falling within a $6 to $7 price range at most retailers, the pricing of the EVOD is comparable to the Kanger T3 we often use as a reference point for clearomizer pricing, though it is just slightly higher than the T3 at most vendors.

Overall Score: 8.0

The Kanger EVOD BCC

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